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Gaming on Mac is finally solved.

A GPU-powered Windows® desktop in the cloud renders and runs your game, efficiently streaming the video and audio output to your local Mac.

It's like Remote Desktop on steroids.

Using Steam®, Uplay™,™, or Origin™, you simply install your favorite games and start playing.

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No hacks

You don't need to fiddle with stuff like Wine, virtual machines, or Boot Camp.

No hardware investments

Our cloud desktop computers feature high-end Nvidia graphics cards that run all AAA titles smoothly.

No limits

Any Windows® PC game just works, and our streaming technology is practically lag-free.

All you need is a low-latency internet connection with a bandwidth of 16 Mbit/s or more - we take care of the rest.

Watch the introduction video:

Our cloud computing locations

Computing centers in US West, US East, Ireland, and Germany ensure that you can access your cloud gaming rig with low latency near these locations. Additional locations will follow soon.

Your personal latency results

US East US West Ireland Germany
About to check... About to check... About to check... About to check...

The above table shows the live network latency between your local computer system and our cloud computing centers. At least one of these results should be lower than 30ms for a truly smooth gaming experience. Results below 60ms are acceptable for games that are not fast-paced.

Start in 3 simple steps.

1. Sign up

2. Download and
install the client.

3. Connect and start playing.

Strictly pay-per-use.

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Only $1.95 per usage hour and $0.04 for provisioned hard disk storage per hour.

Which means: no recurring fees, no hidden costs, no nonsense.

Is this service right for me?

Gaming: Solved. is for people who love to play the latest and greatest AAA video game titles, but only have the time to do so occasionally.

In this case, investing in and regularly upgrading a cutting edge Windows® PC gaming rig that is only used sporadically doesn't make sense financially.

Our solution: Play your favorite games right on the Mac system you already own, by streaming them from your personal gaming rig in the cloud.

You pay for your cloud gaming rig by the hour, and when you are not using it, you are not paying anything.

It's that simple.

Questions and answers

So how does this work exactly?

Glad you asked. The technology behind this is at the same time very advanced and very simple.

Instead of installing games on your local Mac computer, our service sets up and boots a virtual machine at one of the major cloud computing providers. This virtual machine is a full-fledged Microsoft® Windows® desktop computer with a dedicated NVIDIA® 3D graphics card.

This is the system where games are installed and run.

Although these games are running on a remote cloud computer, you can still play them right on your local Mac computer, just as if they were installed locally. Actually, they are running even better than a locally installed game, because the remote computer and its graphics card do the heavy lifting of rendering the GPU-demanding 3D graphics of AAA titles like The Witcher 3 or Battlefield 1.

Playing a remotely running game as if it was running locally is made possible with our high-end streaming technology. Through our Mac client, a video and audio connection between your local Mac and the remote Windows® system is established. All keyboard inputs and mouse movements are sent to the remote system, and the video and audio output of the remote system is streamed back to your computer.

This is done so efficiently that you won't even notice that you are working on a remote system. Just as other high quality video from YouTube or Netflix is fluidly streamed to you Mac, so is the video signal from your cloud gaming rig.

So you are saying I can play a modern hardware-hungry game smoothly in all its beauty although I only have an old MacBook with no dedicated graphics card?

Indeed. We couldn't have said it better.

But what about lag?

Until recently, working with a remote desktop system meant enduring lag - that is, whenever you interacted with the cloud computer via mouse or keyboard, this input was lagging behind a perceivable amount of time, making scenarios like gaming impossible.

Our streaming technology solves this once and for all. Even fast-paced first-person shooters run butterly smooth and every mouse-movement is translated to the remote system so quickly that lag is not perceivable.

But this depends on my network connection, right?

This is absolutely correct. If your internet connection is too slow, either in terms of latency (how long does it take for a data packet to travel trough the network), or in terms of bandwidth (how much data can the network transport in a given amount of time), then our technology cannot solve this.

But in practice, you are not going to run into problems if you have a typical modern internet connection. A 16 Mbit/s cable or DSL line is more than sufficient for our service to work flawlessly.

In our tests, we even had stable and smooth gaming sessions on mobile LTE connections!

We have cloud computers in many different locations worldwide - your personal gaming rig is always close to you in terms of network distance, so you can enjoy your game without worrying about lag.

Before registering, you can jump to our interactive latency check to test your network connection speed right here on this page.

Last but not least, we again measure and visualize the actual latency between your computer and our different hosting locations before you launch your rig, so you can always judge if connection quality is sufficient before paying anything.

But what about savegames?

All gaming platforms we support - Steam®, Uplay™,™, and Origin™ - offer storing savegames in the cloud for most games. This means that whenever you play a session of your game on your gaming rig, all savegames are stored on the servers of the gaming platform provider.

Next time you start another session - even if you do so weeks later on a completely new gaming rig - your savegames are synchronized back to the rig and you continue playing where you left off.

Why should I give you my money, though?

In order to save money! Which is what our service helps you to do if you only want to play occassionally.

Let's make this absolutely clear: If you plan to play PC video games very regularly, for example several hours per day and at least some days per week, then we highly recommend to invest into a dedicated PC gaming rig.

In this case, our service is not for you.

Our target group are gamers who only find the time to play occassionally, but when they find the time to play, they don't want to make compromises on game performance.

For example, one of our web developers was really eager to play The Witcher 3, but would only find time to play for one or two hours on weekends.

Investing several hundred bucks for a Playstation or Xbox, or even more than a thousand bucks for a gaming PC simply didn't make sense because spending that much money on hardware which is not going to be used most of the time is financial nonsense. Also, he already owns a computer for his web development work, a 2013 MacBook Pro. While this machine isn't capable enough to handle the cutting edge graphics of The Witcher, he wasn't eager to switch from a notebook to a workstation and from Mac OS to Windows only to play games.

Which is why we came up with this service. With Gaming: Solved., our web developer now only pays for his gaming hardware when he is actually using it - as a result, playing The Witcher about two hours per week only costs him about $3 per week, which makes way more sense financially. And he can do all this from his good old MacBook.


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Our pricing model

Here is what we charge customers for their cloud gaming rigs:

$1.95  per hour for running your gaming rig.

$0.04  per hour for storage space.


This means you can play all your favorite PC games on your Mac for only

$1.99  per hour!

The details of our pricing model

There are two aspects of cloud gaming on Gaming: Solved. which cost money: Running your gaming rig, and providing hard disk storage for your gaming rig.

When we set up a gaming rig for you, we provision a virtual hard disk with an installation of Microsoft® Windows® on it, plus an additional 200 GB of storage for your game installations.

When you launch and run this rig, we will bill you for the CPU, RAM, and GPU ressources this requires, at $1.95 for every started usage hour.

In addition, we bill a storage fee, which also applies when your rig is not running.

This is because keeping your hard disk with your data on it results in hard disk ressources being allocated for you, even if your system is not currently running.

This is why a very low hourly storage allocation fee of $0.04 is billed.

Of course, you can completely remove your gaming rig and its data with one simple click whenever you like, and are no longer billed anything.

Some additional notes

Gaming: Solved. is strictly pay-per-use. You only pay for resources you actually use, and there is no monthly fee or any other kind of recurring fee.

Also, we never actively "pull" money from your PayPal account. You need to actively deposit money onto your Gaming: Solved. account with an amount of your choice, and our platform can only access this amount to charge usage costs.

Pricing examples

Here are two examples which illustrate our pricing structure and the costs you can expect:



Example 1: A minimal case

In this example, we assume that you:

  • Sign up
  • Launch a gaming rig with 200 GB hard disk space
  • Play for two hours
  • Shut down the rig
  • Remove the rig

In this case, you are billed $3.98.

Here's why:

  • Sign up is completely free
  • 2 hours of gaming rig usage cost: 2 x $1.95 = $3.90
  • 2 hours of storage cost: 2 x $0.4 = $0.08

Example 2: A complex case

In this example, we assume that you:

  • Sign up
  • Launch a gaming rig with 200 GB hard disk space
  • Play for two hours
  • Shut down the rig
  • Keep the rig shut down for 10 hours
  • Launch the rig again
  • Play for four hours
  • Shut down the rig
  • Remove the rig

In this case, you are billed $12.34.

Here's why:

  • Sign up is completely free
  • 2+4 hours of gaming rig usage cost 6 x $1.95 = $11.70
  • 2+10+4 hours of storage cost 16 x $0.04 = $0.64

Convinced? Then give it a try!

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...and start playing your favorite game in minutes!